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International Air Services

David Ross

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Zac Santos is an ex- Royal Navy helicopter pilot who is recruited by a large civil aviation company with strong ties and obligations to the British government.His first tasking is to assist with the discrete location and salvage of a militaryMoreZac Santos is an ex- Royal Navy helicopter pilot who is recruited by a large civil aviation company with strong ties and obligations to the British government.His first tasking is to assist with the discrete location and salvage of a military aircraft that is suspected to have crashed in the remote Barents Sea close to Novaya Zemlya, a Siberian island used by the Soviets during the Cold War for nuclear weapons testing.Heading a small team that includes an old comrade, Zacs adventures take him through northern Norway and into the Arctic, where he operates his Puma helicopter from the deck of a British seismographic vessel.Facing perils both natural and human, and with the ongoing threat posed by the Arctic weather, the story builds to an explosive conclusion.

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